Hercules to Humanity

Did you know that the first celebrity chef was a black man?Hercules, Hercules!

What happened to my man Hercules?

Maybe Hermiesha got him in a headlock?

Maybe the shutters blowing in the wind are distracting him?

Maybe insecurity has him in a bind.

Hercules, Hercules?

Whatever happened to Hercules?

Fashion me this nonsense where all black chefs cook collard greens & neckbones?

I’m sorry but high blood pressure & insulin doesn’t appeal to me.

Appealing is what makes my heart smile.

Colors, poetry, eclectic truth

I mean what is Eclectic truth?

* E us for every triumph I had to overcome to rebuke each attack that made me wanna blow my brains out or soak in a pool of depression

* C is for come daddy, come daddy I need your attention before I give myself away to another hood dude with no exposure & will feel up any pair of long legs as long as he feels compelled to …. which is often.

* L is for let me live my life, l. o. l. & all that jazz

* E is for everybody hates Chris or rather everybody picked on Rachel from 7-19. 20 I cut the crap & became my own glorious firefly

* C is for the circumcision from the cataclysmic chaos & catastrophe of crackheads & cracklife. Healing deep. Healing deep. Just know my healing is very deep. Wounds pour out like blood gushing from the life of my very soul. Ripping up a new life. A new being. A new day. Hallelujah! Jesus has come. But what about that dude Hercules? Aren’t you gonna get to the point? If you listen he’s in the lyrics of this lyric one generation at a time. An ever recurring song of life & retaliation. Never growing outdated. Names changed. Blame to fame? What’s yo name shawty?You thicker than a snicker & I like ya accent. Your ambition is fire & that natural hair is making me do some thinking. Nah I’m good bruh.
Reclaiming my time. Reclaiming my time.

Every woman has her own inner Maxine Waters.
* T is for time is never wasted if you follow your own mind & trust in God

* I is for the ignorance of the beautiful bliss that awaits you in life if you choose to create it & take advantage of being an adult. You need to reclaim your time before victimization is your only legacy. Victim or Triumphant Overcomer . It’s your choice.

* C is for choices. Choices. Choices are the power of the voice you have. It’s your power in life. Sometimes you don’t have a choice but then Jesus comes in to create a miracle. Love.
Well, I’ve told you about life, love, power & faith. A little humor. A whole lot of reality. But what about Hercules?
Hercules was the first celebrity chef. He’s the only black master chef. He & his crew are responsible for bringing fine dining to Urban communities. He & his crew were the first to create British fusion cooking…. NOT SOUL FOOD! Hercules was a slave of George Washington. Purchased at 13. Ran away from the plantation after outsmarting President Washington with his own money & racism.


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