Recipe Archives: Quinoa Dressing 

You’ll Need:

• 1 box of Harmony Quinoa

• 1/3 cup of sliced White Onion

• 1 package of Turkey Sausage

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil

• 1 medium-large Pot

• 1 medium-large Skillet

• 1 13×9 inch Baking Pan

1.) Boil the quinoa in a medium large pot on a medium high heat. Once it starts to boil, reduce the heat to a low flame & let it simmer. Add water as needed until the quinoa is fluffy & tender. Drain excess water from the cooked quinoa

2.) After the quinoa is drained, simmer your sausages in a skillet with 2 tablespoons of EVOO & onion over a medium heat

3.) While the sausage is cooking, add 1 cup of EVOO to the quinoa and stir 

4.) Once the sausages are thoroughly cooked, slice them into 1 inch bites

5.) Combine your sausage, onions, and sausage drippings to your cooked quinoa and stir

6.) Pour your dressing into the baking pan & bake in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes

7.) Enjoy your beautiful creation!
Pairing Suggestions: Baked Sweet Potato Fries & Fresh or Frozen Green Beans  


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