Vibin’ Vivian

Her hips twist like licorice

Sweet black substance indeed

Heavenly hair 

Curls undefined

Unbound, unbrined.

Angelic lova!

Thinking of ways to love

How to live…how to love

Vibin Vivian on tha block

Her children stand and bless her.

Dudes be jockin.

Bad spirits follow to harass her….

Lips ruby red wet & wild from Walgreens

Ring finger on lock by the most high until her hubby came to scoop her up

Vibin vivian what they call her round the block

Never had her nose up

Always hugging children

Tutored my daughter after school 

She got straight A’s

1 B 1 B 1 B

The one math teacher tried to hold her down 

1 B 1 B 

That 1 B****

She came with me to confront the principal.

Let my daughter live

Let my sister give

My sister open your eyes 

We’re alike intertwined 

Colors of the rainbow 

Ribbons in the sky


So divine

I’m so high

Live life live love

Live hard live love or die young

My heart opened. Mesmerized. Trance like.

1 B 1 B

I’ll always remember that 1 B

2 3

You see she’s 23 

2nd grade is where I met her

She grew up

Such a sweetheart

What is a vibration?

Activity of the limbs, the heart, the tounge

The style, the swag

Fingers on a harp intertwined for a higher purpose

Make me golden, make me black, make me hard, make me soft, make me alive

Vibrations are in your actions.

What do yours say about you? 

Vibin Vivian coming at you over the written 1’s & 2’s. . . . . 


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