Contents of A Woman.

Blue Sky

Awakened Palms

Sweet sauces 

Rice & Pepper

Fruit & Milk

My soul smells honey

My spirit sees the honeycomb 

Welcoming loveliness

My music is a compilation of art 

On spirit canvas 

And soul synthesis 

I breathe dance

I live power

I desire submission.

My arm tread through salt waters reflecting the ease of my personality

But the power of my everyday plow

Through the trudge of life

I ooze loveliness.

My words drip with kindness

My heart overflows with blood of poets

And the scream of ancient ancestors 

My beauty testifies the same witness.

The fire of Rachel.

The simplicity of solitude and storytellers is my discernment of such a name.

And yet it represents beauty.

It represents Jesus.

My body yodels in restoration and entices souls to remember Eve in Eden.


Tears. Strength.



Quiet Testimony.

Children running through green grass

Gathering sweat

And double daring the double darers to do something fun!

I’m me

So do you.

Do what you do but watch my shoes.

My heart patiently waits to be held, adorned caressed and loved by a man covered in humanity.

Who somehow absorbs the beauty of God

Who has large capacities to hold living streams of water that flow from God’s Palm

Patiently single.

No randoms.


Through unseen discernment 

I nudge with my heart to one day absorb through my skin

Twin friends 

Winners winning



Dining, whining 

Life risen above

Euphoric Eutopias of destiny 

Tears of little 

Prayers of much

Still to dream greater dreams 

My soul can’t be put in a box

And the contents of Rachel Joi Udeh- Jackson

CANNOT be clearly defined 

Because they magnify such a bright light 

Whiter than the sun’s yellow tint rays.

She can only be admired & enjoyed by the less blind.


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