Chef Diaries: {Enemies & Foes}

Theme Song: I’m On The Rise by Jekaylyn Carr

Dear Diary,

     I’ll keep it short today! I have learned that the food industry is full of cutthroat disrespect, mistreatment, mental abuse, money obsession, lack of love and lack of principle! I grow more and more disappointed as I study the food product industry in grocery stores. My soul peaks in sadness at the physiological reactions of fellow consumers who dive into popular brands. There’s a money hungry sickness that exists in the food product industry, and it is odoriferously present their marketing motives and food packaging. 

     I pray that aspiring chefs learn to hold on to their brand supports and industry friends because those people are rare and precious finds. If someone supports your brand encourages your vision, it is wise to keep them around. Those people a gift, and God put them there. In order to be successful and have peace of mind in the food industry, you have to find a balance between minding your business and learning from others. That piece of wisdom will take you farther than any high powered scheme.

I declare that I’m on the rise.


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