Chef Diaries:

Dear Diamonds,

As I grow in nutrional knowledge and in my own health, the less I tolerate in my own dishes. I want to transform them into new and improved creations. I wish it could come together at the blink of an eye or at the snap of my finger. I cook so much with coconut oil nowadays. It smells so sweet as it burns (I assume like real coconut lol). I’m thinking of putting chicken sausage in my red beans. I’m leaning towards a meaty mixture of chicken apple sausage and regualr turkey sausage. I’ve gotten truned off to using pork sausage because I don’t see any health benefits for my body. My taste buds are a little chicken sausaged out, but my desire to alter my red beans recipe overpowers my fear. I’m curious to what other breads I could pair with it besides cornbread. I’m grateful that I’m seperating from the Louisiana beam of eating. I made progress in my puffs recipe today. I got advice about the heating temp for my puffs. I was so scared to let my neighbor taste my food today. I let her taste my puffs paired with broccoli and some store bought feta dill dressing that I used for a dipping sauce. It’s my pet peeve to have a dipping agent for this recipe. Homestyle puffs are my unique creation from the heart. I may have to youtube how to make lotus flowers out of puff pastry. The inner filling is so velvety. I’m so happy that I had the extra time today to do something that I enjoy. I’m a poetic chef. The pepper should have health benefits for your heart. I may leave them a little crunchier next time. It’s gonna be so perfect.


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