Iridescent River(s)

My heart is full

The doors of the church are open

Let the CHURCH say amen

Sanctified Poet

Spitting fire and cool healings

Expressing my feelings

Expressing my soul.


I pray day and night

but do you hear me?

I trust that You are close

Very close to me

Like the fingerprints on the skin of my left hand

You are faithful

No one… faithful

That rings in my ear like Sabine on 2nd Sunday

My soul is raw, heated, and petitioned

My soul has been touched by The Father

The Creator

Not nasty with worms like before

Spiritual Surgery

Before the creepy crawlers had a life of their own

But now the bug Man is spraying them dead.

Let Him raise a new thing.

with light He shines on them. He tears me apart.

with tears rivers of living water flow from my soul

and gushing from my eyes spring new life.

I am healed.

I am healing.


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