Speech Therapy. :) {Motivation!}

You never know where someone is in their walk that when you speak life into them. It can change their whole perspective or help mold them positively according to God’s will. You never know what God is doing or what’s going on with His clock. Do you have God googles? Do you know His mind? We can seek His heart and deeply know His personality, but God’s plans are His plans. Something you say can be the ice pick to crack open someone’s breakthrough in their development as a person. So I encourage you to speak life! Someone told me that I was smart recently & gosh darn it I JUST woke up to that fact for the FIRST time in my life… HEY I’m smart! That same person showed me how to view joy and even said that I look good. Low and behold I believed her and God is teaching me how to live with joy. And whom the Son sets free is surely free indeed! And what God does…no one can add too or take away from! So again speak kindness and life on purpose to someone! It’s a rough world out there. Plant seeds. Who knows you may be someone’s water.


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