Miracles…. Redemption.

I know I’ve been changed

As Lashun Pace sings the song traveling from my head to my heart.

Yet I grow in being the same

Worse than before I married you.

Worse than those hopeless nights in Tigerland

Half dead on a pull out bed with bars coming out of the seems

Eating cheesecake, drinking smirnoff, crazy out of my mind

SELF.  consumed my soul.

But in Jesus I AM…. alive.

Broken faces & bloody palms

I scream blessed redemption with tears, joy, peace, and purpose

I marry yes … only with purpose

My heart is full

Sunday wedding bells ring with anticipation

Redemption & Holiness

Fresh Beginnings & New Divine Assignments ring in the air like autumn cracked leaves persisting in the wind

Love & Passion

Christian Dinvinity

Love & Hope…. of a new song from heaven. PURPOSE.

My Divine Medication is all I have to offer you

On a daily basis

One day… at time

A divine miracle.

It’s not me loving you

I am lost in a drunken blackout

It is Christ loving you through me

I may cook you a meal

We can exercise together

We can pray and plant a church.

You can preach & I’ll sing hymns. Tag teaming for Jesus like he’s on the mainline.

I’ll direct the choir.

We can play and plant trees

You’ll be a good father.

Loving your daughters as yourself

We can stand back to back while I change careers

Be Still & KNOW that He is God.

Behold the mysteries of The Holy Trinity

3 in one. 1 in three.

Be Still & Recieve Love

It’s the God in you loving the God in me.

I’ve been blessed and fortunate not to die before expericing this

For YOU are not the first to love the Christ in me

A warm fuzzy… buzzy feeling indeed.

IN my belly. In my soul. In my ribs. In my chest. From my heart.

We can fly and will rise higher if we stay!

Our love will grow and get old with us as we age through God’s gentle miracle of time.

one day…. at a time


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