Recipe Archives: UPDATE! :)

We here at Diamonds have been working hard to deliver quality, tasty recipes and foodie ideas!

We recently improved our “J.D.’s Red Beans” recipe! Hope you try it and LOVE it like we do!

You’ll Need:

– 2 pounds of Camilla brand Red Beans

– 1 pound of Hilshire Farm Hot Smoked Sausage

– 1 pound of Hilshire Farm Cajun Style Andouille Sausage

– 1-2 stalks of celery, chopped

– 1 cup of green onion, chopped

– Louisiana Fish Fry Cajun Seasoning

– Tony’s Chachere’s Seasoning

– Garlic Powder

– Salt

– Pepper


The night before pick through your beans and separate the cracked and disfigured beans from your good ones. Throw the damaged beans away. Soak your beans in a large pot overnight.

The next day drain your beans, and rinse them with cool water.

Chop your sausage, celery, and green onion and add them to your pot.

Mix your ingredients together with a large pot or with both hands.

After your ingredients are well mixed, add enough water to cover about an inch over your beans.

Set your burner to a low medium fire and allow your beans to boil for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, until you notice a cream forming over your beans.

Once a cream has formed, your sausage has plumped, and your celery has cooked down some add your seasoning listed above to your desired taste.

You’re finished!


– No longer using onions.

– Using celery, salt, and pepper in addition to your other spices.

– Using completely different sausage

– Using two different types TOGETHER (for a more meaty and versatile flavor)

Pairing Suggestions:

– Brown Rice

– Jalapeno Creme Cornbread (Also found in previous recipe archives)


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