Dear Diamonds,

It’s Easter Sunday & I’m happy to be alive! I shouldn’t be here. Im on my ninth life like a cat (lol… For real though). I’m so excited for church this morning. I can’t wait to sing and worship. I have been working SO HARD lately on personal growth, growth in my self-esteem, gratitude, and self-respect. I’ve been working at my job. I’ve been praying extra hard. I even stayed up late last night pursuing steps toward my dreams. Do you know how hard it is to pursue your dreams AND keep it to yourself. I’m going on a business venture (a beneficial, dream working, smile inducing, courage building adventure) No one knows about it. Don’t get it twisted I BELIEVE that you do NOT share your dreams while they are happening. You until after the fact, the ship has sailed, and the mountain has been conquered THEN you tell people if they ask. NO NEGATIVE ENERGY on my goals, dreams & education please. I am blessed that I have a host of people who really believe, encourage, and care about me. I learn from them as mentors & role models. I have a tan from the sun rays & I’ve lost sleep (which I don’t believe you should tear down your body in order to pursue your dreams it’s NOT worth it) without a functioning, beautiful Rachel there is no dream. I guess God given dreams that you tear your own self-down to achieve is really motivated by selfish ambition. Well Diamonds, I’m off to rest before church. Happy Easter!
Sincerely Yours,



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