What is Kitchen Ministry?

What is kitchen ministry? It allows God to use my body, mind, and heart to comfort and encourage all who eat my food. I’m thankful for a God who is able to teach me what I need to know, and who puts me in the right place at the right time. There have been many tests, but the satisfaction of a happy customer leaving my restaurant will make everything worth going through.
Kitchen ministry is also a way to unleash creative dedication to others through plate presentation. This process can be fun and exuberant. The amount of integrity put into each plate is aimed to purposely touch someone’s heart and enable their spirits to feel love. What is love? Love is patient and kind. It doesn’t care who you are or about your flaws. Love never gives up. Love has no limits either. In summary kitchen ministry is an intuitive way to honor Jesus and reflect His love & thoughtful nature.
In an attempt to replicate the concept of love, big businesses will spend millions of dollars in trying mass produce the concept of home grown, home cooked meals. The truth is counterfeit love can never replace the real thing. To revisit our previous concept of love, it is also considerate and compassionate. It can be sweet. It can be crunchy. It can be hard. It can be soft. It can be spicy or stuffed. It can be light and half the calories. This type of love is tender to your soul & smothers it with kindness . It has the ability to motivate your dreams. It is meant to be used with careful consideration, and taken somewhat seriously. This type of love must never be exploited.

What is my prayer?


Help me to never exploit your ministry. Guide me in every step and protect me from harm. Don’t let me ruin this. Protect this piece of Your Kingdom in whatever what you see fit either spiritually or naturally. Have Your way Father. Please help me to comply. Please help me to do my best and stay in prayer about it.

In Jesus Name I Pray,


We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.- Martin Luther King Jr.


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