Recipe Archives: Kale Caesar Salad with Seared Salmon

Want a quick salad idea? I got a cool one you might wanna try!

4-5 cups of washed kale
7-8 1 inch pieces of seared salmon
3-4 tbsp of Caesar Dressing

I originally used leftover salmon from a pasta recipe to make this salad. If you are cooking a fresh piece, I would suggest to buy either frozen unseasoned salmon or 1/3 of whole fillet from your local deli or meat market.

Frozen Instructions:
• Remove three portions from the package.
• Thaw your fish and then slice each portion into three pieces.
• Season your fish with either season all or Cajun Seasonings.
• Heat a medium sized skillet on a medium low fire after drizzling it with EVOO.
• Brown your fish on both sides.
• Repeat this process on all pieces.
• After browning let your fish cook on a low fire.
• Carefully watch your fish & flip each piece as needed to allow the heat to transfer properly.

Fresh Instructions:

• Thaw your fish if it has been stored in the freezer.
• Slice your fillet into three pieces.
• Slice each of your three pieces into three smaller pieces. (Aim for 1 inch slices)
• Repeat the process stated above

• While your fish is cooking, pour your kale into a large bowl or container
• Add your dressing to the kale
• Cover your bowl or container & shake your kale.
• Add your fish after its finished cooking.

Now dig into this healthy, tasty treat!



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