Recipe Archives: Multi Grain Bowtie Pasta with Marinara

You’ll Need:

• 1 lb of ground turkey
• Salt
• Pepper
• Garlic Powder
• 4-5 whole mushrooms
• 1 jar of RAGU basil & sundried tomato flavored marinara sauce
• 1 box of Barill Multi-Grain Bowtie Pasta
• 2 tbsp of EVOO

What’s next:

– Set your pasta over medium heat in a large pot or skillet (salting the water is optional)
– While the pasta is boiling, brown your meat in a separate skillet over medium heat. Cook until tender.
– While your pasta and meat are cooking, drizzle EVOO in a small pot.
– Slice your mushrooms and drop them in your small pot over low heat.
– Watch your pasta pot and stir if needed.
– Stir and chop your meat in your skillet.
– Add your seasonings when your meat is mostly brown and stir.
– Toss your mushrooms in your EVOO until they’re evenly brown.
– Turn the heat off once your mushrooms are cooked.
– After your pasta is finished put it aside and drain with cold water.
– In another pot empty your jar of sauce and let it simmer over medium low heat.
– When the sauce starts to bubble add your finished mushrooms. Add your fully cooked meat to the sauce.
– Stir your sauce.

– Add your finished sauce and pasta in separate storage containers.

Your ready to dig in! 😋

Pairing Suggestions:
Thin Sirloin Steak (No Added toppings)
California Blend Veggies

Beverage Suggestions:
Cranberry juice 2 tbsp of fresh blueberries and/or 2 whole strawberries.



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