Love poems.

Such a short phrase.
A large vessel.
A fresh breath of peace.
Our habitat.
Our environment.
A baby’s smile. . . .
Two lovers in the park
sharing an enlightening conversation.
Waking up everyday
in love.
Breathing in love.
Looking up at the
carefree birds.
The beauty of nature
is God’s fingerprint
of undeniable creativity and life!
Humor & Soul!
Nourishment manifested
in expression.
Laugh with me.
Sing with me.
Joke around.
Cry from tingling
healing in your soul.
A fresh heart.
Feel it in your bones.
Expand your mind
to embrace & accept
God’s love with me.
What a wonderful
feeling indeed.
God’s fingerprint
is everywhere.
With so much love around
how can I be afraid?
My what a wonderful
What a wonderful truth.
This. Is. Life.
Love manifested.


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