Psalm 37

While entangled
in the yokes of
bondage like
prickled vines
shedding blood
and tears;
your glory rescues

You searched me
and took a
cold, bitter
heart and
made it beat again!
I cried.
Dear God
why are you
so good to me?
Good to us?
Good to your children?
The devil knows
he’s defeated!
That’s why he
snarls like a coward;
and can’t play by the rules.
A many will
be swept up!
with Jesus
in the coming time
So I wait eagerly
until that
blessed hour.
As I sit
and wait on Your Word
my heart cries…
and my eyes well up with thanksgiving.
Thank You for the
promises you give me
the rest you offer.
Weapons in your
word that
allow me to
never worry
for food, love, air, smiles,
smirks, laughs and prosperity
Possessions of
this fallen world are
curses brought
upon men; without
The Lord’s love
i was born
into freedom
and purpose.
You think lovely
thoughts of me.
And you delight
in my eagerness.
I love you Lord.
Please use me.
Use me for Your
To water seeds
or to deposit them;
faith of a mustard seed can move mountains.
The Holy Spirit’s
fire is like
a blazing energy
and a soothing
And like the
dew on the
morning grass;
sun kissed, by
an early Sunday dawn,…
lies the beauty
and simplicity
of Your love.
we can all be thankful

For God is not a man that He should lie. The most precious
thing I ever heard. Because a long time ago
I lost trust. Afraid it
would never come
But now I know I
can trust You forever
and joyfully throughout eternity.
For God’s Word
says in
Romans 11:36

For of Him and through
Him and to Him are all
things,to whom be glory
forever. Amen.


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