My Daily Prayer

Oh Father
Creator of all things
You are good, holy,
mighty, wise, and all powerful.
You are merciful
and You are awesome
and beautiful
You are all knowing.
Thank You for Your mercy, grace, and love.
I am beneath You
in every single way.
I am here today and gone tomorrow
But You are the Alpha and the Omega
Everlasting into all eternity
You are more than worthy
of all time, worship, and praise
Please bless my enemies
and bless my family
in America and Africa alike
Minister to their hearts and children
Please create overflow in their finances and please use all of
us to give You glory for it is well deserved.
For Your Word says in Romans 11:36

“For from him and through
him and for him are all
To him be the glory forever!.

Jesus thank You for
shedding your precious
blood. For without Your
sacrifice. I could not live.
and I could not see the love of the Father
or know Him at all.

Jesus please be a fence
around me always and
everyday. As I travel.
And as I pray.
Cover me and hide me
for You are my refuge and peace.

You are my foundation
and my growth.

Help me to flee from sexual
sin for it is my strongest weakness

Help me to flee from desires
to drink alcohol of all kinds
and smoke anything
for I am completely
But I know the battle isn’t mine.

Continue to minister to me
and purify my heart.

Please create in me an honest
heart, and an innocent mind.
A generous spirit.
Please help me to reflect
Your nature Jesus.

Take control of my tongue.
And order my steps.
Teach me Jesus help me to grow

in submission to You.

I trust You.
You are my hope.

I will not be afraid
to have joy
or to dream.

Please help me grow
in patience.

And to grow in being
still and knowing You are

Lord please create
peace and harmony
in my home in
my church
and in the hearts of
all who dwell in both places. In Jesus Name I pray.


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